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Integrus "Inspirationalist"

Inspiring Other to Success!

At Integrus, I am an Inspirationalist.  I inspire people to find the courage to make changes which will have a massive - and often life changing effect - on their professional and personal lives. 

I am a licensed and certified Integrus Coach and Trainer, teaching and coaching my clients to success in many different offerings, each specifically designed to fit your needs.  

Balancing life and business is stressful!  I think of people running back and forth trying to achieve that "balance."  No more!  Through our Academy you will learn how to blend your life and work, resulting in less stress and more harmony!

With you and your team, we created a customized goal, a plan to get there, and begin executing the steps for success.  I ensure you, attending the Integrus Academy will help you as a professional, whether you run a small business or a corporation! 

Let's get together to begin the process of achieving your dreams and goals.

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At Integrus, we determine your personality color using a proven process to highlight key behaviours and traits.  We then use our Life Blending model to apply those traits using our 12 Integrus Keys to Success™, to develop your People skills, Leadership skills and maximizing your Business performance.

Integrus Products

Personalized Assessment


Our Assessment is an online questionnaire which helps identify your behavioral style.  This assessment reveals your "color,"  and guides you through your specific strengths and challenges.  We discover how you are motivated, your behavior when in conflict, your leadership style, and more.

Our Academy


  The Integrus Academy will create in you a new mindset of success.  We work together with the 12 Integrus Keys to SuccessTM. We develop your people, your business and your leadership skills.  An Academy can be completed in as short as 6 weeks, or 12 weeks.

Integrus Development Circles


After completing the Integrus Academy, we meet monthly for mastermind sessions to implement what you and your team have learned.  We decode challenges and use the 12 Integrus Keys to SuccuessTM  to problem solve your current circumstances.

Communication in Full Color


This masterclass teaches you to speak the colorful language of your prospects, increasing sales, and building better, stronger relationships.  You'll begin to understand why people buy your products or services and have fun in the process.

Team Dynamics


This masterclass will increase team performance through greater understanding of behavioral styles.  Recognizing the strengths of each team member helps define roles and responsibilities. Also identifying communication styles, viewpoints and contributions toward the achievement of a shared vision.

Join my TEAM!


Are you interested in working to help others achieve business, leadership and life goals? As part of your Integrus journey, you will complete your Integrus accreditation course which gives you the complete skillset required to help others be the best they can be.

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