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About Me

Developing Dreams


It is my life's purpose to be the positive influence in the people's lives around me, and inspire them to achieve their full potential!   I have a strong desire to help others develop their dreams into reality!

My "career" in the health care field began when I was still in high school.  As long as I remember, I've loved caring for others.  When a freshly-graduated chiropractor opened a new office, I was the only employee and typed the health insurance claim forms.  Creating systems of efficiency for this growing office, I helped foster a low stress environment.  I have attended many years of chiropractic and business management seminars and had several business coaches in office.  I learned much, driving the office growth into a large multi-disciplinary natural health care office, housing 4 chiropractors, 2 massage therapists, and 4 part-time medical doctors.  I also supervised a support staff of 10 employees. The environment in the office was so welcoming, even the patients constantly said they loved coming in for care!

After this business was sold to new owners, I continued caring for others in multiple ways.  Whether lifestyle management, coaching, or encouraging, I love sharing my wisdom and experiences.  I believe we need a consciousness of encouragement, and this is what I consistently bring to my clients.

My husband, Troy and I currently reside in the Twins Cities suburbs with our two labs, Tucker and Harley.  A new home environment is coming soon, as they are months away from being Empty Nesters!

A Philosophy for Coaching

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We are only limited by the things we allow to limit us.  The keys to success and productivity are already in your pocket.  Because you are busy IN the day to day, your dreams may fade.  Together, we create and place processes to work ON your work and life, easing your stress, making time for developing your dreams in to reality, and pursuing your goals. You just need someone to show you the keys, and encourage you to open the door. 

Workshops and Keynotes


As speaker and innovator, I will bring new life and connection to your next event.  I share my passion of creating ways to work ON your business instead of spending all your time working IN your business. The gulf between your dreams and reality is not as big as you think! Contact me, and we can design a custom in-house workshop or presentation that fits your needs today.

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